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28TH Annual Conference of Indian Society of Organ Transplantation

13-15 Oct 2017 | Brilliant Convention Center, Indore

13th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
8.30 AM-10.30 AM Plenary-I
8.30 AM-9.00 AM Preformed & Denovo DSAs: Are these both important and How to deal with them Int speaker Dilip Pahari, NK Mehra
9.00 AM- 9.200 AM Presidential Address Dr Anant Kumar Prof KL Gupta, Dr Manish Rathi
9.20 AM-9.40 AM Current Challenges in Deceased Donor Program in India Sunil Shroff Vipin Kaushal, Amit Gupta
9.40 AM-10.00 AM KN Udupa Memorial Lecture SC Dash, GH Malik
10.00 AM-10.15 AM NOTTO: Functionality of NOTTO registry Dr SK Agarwal Amolapavarthan, Sudhir Kulkarni
10.15 AM-10.30 AM NOTTO: Government's perspective & expectations from transplant physicians Dr Vimal Bhandari
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-12.30 Noon Session-I: Therapeutics
10.45 AM-11.00 AM Mechanism of action of IS drugs: What does it mean to efficacy & Side effects Shyam Bansal SC Tiwari, Gopesh Modi
11.00 AM-11.15 AM TDM & Pharmacogenetics Narayan Prasad
11.15 AM-11.30 AM Shifts & Balances: Microbiota after renal transplantation Arup Rattan Datta
11.30 AM-11.45 AM Renal transplant outcome- Does anaesthetic agent make a difference? Priyadarshi Ranjan
11.45 AM-12.00 Noon Role & Scope of Plasmapharesis in Transplantation. Suhas Bavikar
12.00 Noon-1.00 PM Session-II: Three way Debate: How to Overcome Immunological barriers in Live Transplantation
12.00 Noon-12.15 PM Desensitisation Col Jairam DS Roy, Vijay Kher
12.15 PM-12.30 PM ABOi transplantation Rahul Grover
12.30 PM-12.45 PM Paired Kidney Donation Vivek Kute
12.45 PM-1.00 PM Discussion
1.00 PM-1.45 PM Session III: Pediatric transplant
1.00 PM-1.15 PM Urological evaluation in CAKUT for renal transplantation Umesh Oza Shilpa Saxena, Shaubhik Sural
1.15 PM-1.30 PM A child, Day 10 post transplant with proteinuria: is it recurrence and how to manage it Aditi Sinha
1.30 PM-1.45 PM Short & Long term outcomes in Pediatric renal transplant recipients Arvind Bagga
1.45 PM-2.30 PM Lunch Symposium:  Immunosuppressive drugs
1.45 PM-2.00PM mTOR inhibitors: Is it end of the road Sudharshan Ballal T Dhinakaran, Om Kumar
2.00 PM-2.15 PM Newer IS drugs: Is there any hope Sandeep Mahajan
2.15 PM-2.30 PM Generic drugs in transplantation: Penny wise but Pound foolish? Himanshu Mahapatra
2.30 PM-3.30 PM Free paper session Gaurav Sagar, Jignesh Pandya, AD Suri
3.30 PM-4.30 PM Session IV: Biomarker Utility
3.30 PM-3.45 PM Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Rejection Hemant Mehta KS Nayak, Vikram Kalra
3.45 PM-4.00 PM Biomarker assisted IS individualization Tarun Jeloka
4.00 PM-4.15 PM Biomarker assisted transplant risk stratification DS Chafekar
4.15 PM-4.30 PM Biomarkers for long-term allograft survival Urmila Anandh
4.30 PM-4.45 PM Tea Break
4.45 PM-5.45 PM Session V: Fertility & Transplant RP Mathur, Sonal Jindal  
4.45 PM-5.00 PM Sexuality after organ transplantation: Can it be restored? D Bhowmik
5.00 PM-5.15 PM Contraception after organ transplantation Ratan Jha
5.15 PM-5.30 PM Short & Long term outcomes of pregnancy in renal transplant recipients Bharat V Shah
5.45 PM-6.00 PM Session VI: Case based discussion
5.30 PM-5.40 PM Collapsing GN in renal allograft: Approach & Management Vinant Bhargava Prashant Bendre, Manjuri Sharma
5.40 PM-5.50 PM Your transplant recipient wants to have a baby: How to go about it? Indranil Ghosh
5.50 PM-6.00 PM Late Acute rejections: Management & Outcomes Mohit Khirbat
14th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
8.00 AM-10.30 AM Plenary-II
8.00 AM-9.00 AM Medicolegal aspects of THOA Convener: Dr Neeraj Nagpal Sankar Sundar, Ravi Angral, Sanjay Dixit
9.00 AM- 9.20 AM Vidhya Acharya Oration Dr Ashok Kriplani, Dr DS Rana
9.20 AM-9.40 AM RVS Yadav Oration Dr Anant Kumar, Dr Sandeep Guleria
9.45 AM-10.30 AM CPC Clinical: Manisha Sahay Pathology: Ritambhra Nada V. Sakhuja
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.45 PM Session-VII: Complications
10.45 AM-11.00 AM NODAT: Management & long term outcomes Manish Rathi Sanjay Dcruz, Dhananjai Agarwal
11.00 AM-11.15 AM Diagnosis & Management of AMR Dinesh Khullar
11.15 AM-11.30 AM PTLD: Newer insights Amresh Krishna
11.30 AM-11.45 Post transplant diarrhea: An algorithmic approach Dharmendra Bhadauria
11.45 PM-1.00 PM Session-VIII: Career in transplantation
11.45 PM-12.00 Noon Transplant Physician :- Is it my cup of tea? Umesh Khanna MM Rajapurkar, Ajit K Huilgol
12.00 Noon-12.15 PM Life of a transplant surgeon :- Inside & outside OR. Anant Kumar
12.15 PM-12.30 PM Retrospectoscope :- Will I become a Transplant clinician again if I go back in time? Mukut Minz
12.30 PM-12.45 PM Research career in Transplantation: What's the Horoscope? Vivekanand Jha
12.45 PM-1.00 PM Proper structured program for transplant trainees: Need of the hour HS Kohli
1.00 PM-1.45 PM Session IX: Transplant Immunology
1.00 PM-1.15 PM Impact of complement binding & non-binding antibodies on rejection. RK Sharma KV Dakshinamurthy, Pankaj Shah
1.15 PM-1.30 PM Can we ever induce tolerance in TX recipient. Sishir Gang
1.30 PM-1.45 PM Tregs & Bregs :- Just another cells or Important role to play. Mayoor Prabhu
1.45 PM-2.30 PM Lunch Symposium
1.45 PM-2.00 PM Renal transplantation in viral infections: How to proceed? Jitendra Kumar Vishal Wadhera,Vidhyanand Tripathi
2.00 PM-2.15 PM How to handle IS drugs in presence of severe infections? Edwin Fernando
2.15 PM-2.30 PM Renal allograft pyelonephritis-Emerging cause of graft dysfunction B Ravishankar
2.30 PM-3.30 PM Free paper session Vidhya, Srinivas Nallor, Manish Gupta
3.30 PM-4.45 PM Session X: Live Renal Donor
3.30 PM-3.45 PM Psychosocial evaluation of live donor : Why & How? Sandeep Grover Gangadhar T, Sunil Prakash
3.45 PM-4.00 PM Gender bias in living donation : Data  from India. Arpita Roy Choudhary
4.00 PM-4.15 PM Biological impact of donor gender on outcomes. Col D Mukherjee
4.15 PM-4.30 PM Long term outcomes:- Predicting Life time risk of ESRD in live donors. Jayant Mathew
4.30 PM-4.45 PM Who is a marginal donor & should we accept them? Shailendra Goel
4.45 PM-5.00 PM Tea Break
5.00 PM-6.15 PM Session XI: Proceedings from ISOT Mid-term meeting: Guidelines V Tamilarasi, Sunil Shroff
5.00 PM-5.10 PM Guidelines for GFR for Kidney Donors Sandeep Mahajan
5.10 PM-5.20 PM Guidelines for Induction Protocols Manish Rathi
5.20 PM-5.40 PM Guidelines for ATT in transplant recipients Santosh Varughese
5.40 PM-5.50 PM Contraindications to Deceased Donation Anand Khakhar
5.50 PM-6.00 PM Guidelines & SOPs for Swap Donation Vivek Kute
6.00 PM-6.10 PM Amsterdam/KDIGO Guidelines for renal donation-Modifications for India Georgi Abraham
15th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
8.00 AM-10.30 AM Plenary-III
8.00 AM-8.15 AM What's Hot: Regenerative Medicine Sreejith P Raka Kaushal, LK Tripathi
8.15 AM-8.30 AM What's Hot: Xenotransplantation Upal Sengupta
8.30 AM-9.15 AM Panel Discussion: Accreditation criteria for transplant physicians, surgeons and transplant centers: Need for uniformty Sunil Shroff, Vimal Bhandari OP Kalra, SK Agarwal Pradeep Deshpande, Pankaj Hans
9.15 AM- 9.45 AM JM Patel Oration Prof Anant Kumar, Dr Manish Rathi
9.45 AM-10.30 AM Panel discussion: Multidisciplinary approach to cases: Positive flow x match (Tcell alone, bcell alone or combined), Negative flow with positive luminex, positive CDC x match, Luminex MFI of 1500 vs 10000, One vs multiple antibodies Ranjana W Minz, RK Sharma, Alan Almeida, Sayeed k Malek, Convener: Sreebhushan Raju   T Ravi Raju, AK Bhalla
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-12.15 PM Session XII: Cadaver donation
10.45 AM-11.00 AM Fallacies of Brain death certification & scope of improvement Santosh Varughese Batiyal, Sanjiv Jasuja
11.00 AM-11.15 AM Deceased donor with active infection : Risk versus benefit. Shruti Tapiawala
11.15 AM-11.30 AM Deceased donor with AKI : Short & long term outcomes. N Gopalakrishan
11.30 AM-11.45 AM Maintenance of deceased donor. Aditya Pradhan
11.45 AM-12.00 Noon Donation after cardiac death. Ashish Sharma
12.00 Noon-12.15 PM When to say NO to cadaver donation. Sampath Kumar
12.15 PM-1.15 PM Session XIII: Surgical aspects of renal transplantation
12.15 PM-12.30 PM Expanding the donor pool in kidney transplantation: Surgeon's Perspective Sandeep Guleria SN Mehta, Harsh Juahari
12.30 PM-12.45 PM Dynamic preservation & Resuscitation of the Kidney & Liver Aneesh Srivastava
12.45 PM-1.00 PM Operative techniques in Renal transplantation: What's new Pranjal Modi
1.00 PM-1.15 PM Harvesting & Preservation of vessels from deceased donor Samit Chaturvedi
1.15 PM-2.15 PM Session XIV: CKDt
1.15 PM-1.30 PM Anaemia management: Same or Different Anurag Gupta Saurabh Pokhriyal, Khurshid Banday
1.30 PM-1.45 PM CKDt-MBD: Pathophysiology & Management Vinoi George
1.45 PM-2.00 PM CKDt-Metabolic syndrome Umal Ali
2.00 PM-2.15 PM CKDt-Acidosis Rushi Deshpande
2.15 PM-2.30 PM Valedictory Function
2.30 PM Lunch
13th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.15 AM Liver Transplantation: changing Indications and Current Results Dr. AS Soin Kaiser Raja, TD Yadav
11.15 AM-11.45 AM Liver Transplant in Public Hospital: when will it happen? Dr. SK Acharya Kaiser Raja, TD Yadav
11.45 AM-12.15 PM DCD donation: when will it happen in India Dr. Darius Mirza Kaiser Raja, TD Yadav
12.15 PM-12.45 PM Cadaveric Donor: what is a marginal donor Dr. V. Pameccha Kaiser Raja, TD Yadav
12.45 PM-1.15 PM What is better: Patient travels to the liver or the liver travels to the donor? Dr. Ravi Chand Saudan Singh, Anil Agarwal, Ajay Jain
1.15 PM-1.45 PM Immunosuppressive protocol in a sick recipient. Dr. Nivedita Pandey  Saudan Singh, Anil Agarwal, Ajay Jain
1.45 PM-2.05 PM Lunch time symposium Luminex assay in liver transplant. Sonal Asthana  Saudan Singh, Anil Agarwal, Ajay Jain
2.05 PM-2.25 PM Lunch time symposium Biomarkers in acute rejection after liver transplantation Dr Dinesh Jyothimani  Saudan Singh, Anil Agarwal, Ajay Jain
2.30 PM-3.00 PM Technical complications in LDLT Dr. S. Gupta Prashant Bangui, Sharat Varma, Ashmeet Choudhary
3.00 PM-3.30 PM Endoscopic management of biliary complications Dr. Rajesh Puri Prashant Bangui, Sharat Varma, Ashmeet Choudhary
3.30 PM-4.00 PM Thrombolysis of HAT after transplant Dr. Baijjal Prashant Bangui, Sharat Varma, Ashmeet Choudhary
4.00 PM-4.30 PM Advances in pediatric transplant Dr. Subhash Gupta Prashant Bangui, Sharat Varma, Ashmeet Choudhary
4.30 PM-4.45 PM Tea Break
4.45 PM-5.15 PM Minimising CNI in the long term Dr. Sanjiv Sehgal Acharya (Nagpur), Dinesh Khullar, Sandesh Sharma
5.15 PM-5.45 PM Combined Liver & Kidney Transplantation Chandrashekhar Bhatti Acharya (Nagpur), Dinesh Khullar, Sandesh Sharma
14th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.15 AM Donor selection in LDLT Dr. Naimish Mehta Sunil Taneja Senthil Kumar, Atul Agarwal
11.15 AM-11.45 AM ABO Incompatible LDLT. Dr. Vinay Kumaran Sunil Taneja Senthil Kumar, Atul Agarwal
11.45 AM-12.15 PM ALF: Indication and Timing Of Liver Transplant. Dr.Abhidep Chowdhury Sunil Taneja Senthil Kumar, Atul Agarwal
12.15 PM-12.45 PM Left lobe versus right lobe grafts Dr. Vivek Vij Sunil Taneja Senthil Kumar, Atul Agarwal
12.45 PM-1.15 PM Portal vein thrombosis: role of preoperative anticoagulation Dr. Vasudevan Kaushik Das, Tom Cherian, Subodh Varshney
1.15 PM-1.45 PM Dealing with portal vein thrombosis at surgery Dr. Shaleen Agarwal Kaushik Das, Tom Cherian, Subodh Varshney
1.45 PM-2.30 PM Lunch time Symposium
1.45 PM-2.05 PM Malignancy in liver transplant recipient. Dr. Sanjay Goja Rakesh Shivhare, Deepak Lahoti
2.05 PM-2.25 PM Outflow reconstruction in liver transplantation Dr Vivekanand Sanmugam Rakesh Shivhare, Deepak Lahoti
2.30 PM-2.50 PM Elastography versus Fibroscan Dr. Bharat Agarwal Rakesh Shivhare, Deepak Lahoti
2.50 PM-3.10 PM Sick Recipient: when not to transplant. Dr. Mohd. Nayeem Rakesh Shivhare, Deepak Lahoti
3.10 PM-3.30 PM Minimum graft volume in LDLT Dr. Anand Khakar Dr. Ravi Mohanka, Vineet Gautam P
3.30 PM-3.50 PM Role of liver biopsy in cirrhosis Dr. Vivek Raj Dr. Ravi Mohanka, Vineet Gautam
3.50 PM-4.10 PM Monoclonal antibodies in LT Dr. Neeeraj Saraf Dr. Ravi Mohanka, Vineet Gautam
4.10 PM-4.30 PM CMV infection in LDLT Dr. Manav Wadhawan Dr. Ravi Mohanka, Vineet Gautam
4.30 PM-4.45 PM Tea Break
4.45 PM-5.15 PM Transplant in patients with hepatitis B Dr. Sunil Taneja Ajay Duseja, RK Dhiman
5.15 PM-5.45 PM The optimal timing of hepatitis C treatment: pre or post transplant Dr. Sanjay Sikka Ajay Duseja, RK Dhiman
5.45 PM-6.15 PM Liver transplant for advanced HCC Dr. Amit Rastogi Ajay Duseja, RK Dhiman
15th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.05 AM SPK or PTA or PAK : Which one to choose. Sanjay Sinha Anil Gulia, Mahendra, Prasoon Ghosh
11.05 AM-11.45 AM Surgical Pearls in Pancreas Tx. Raman Dhinda
11.45 AM-12.15 PM Surgical complications : Are there many & how to deal. Sayeed K Malek Madhav Kamat Deepak Dubey Khan
12.15 PM-12.35 PM Workup and selection of a potential pancreas transplant recipient- Has TypeII Diabetes become an accepted indication? . Sanjay Sinha
12.35 PM-12.55 PM Indications and outcomes after graft pancreatectomy Raman Dhanda
12.55 PM-1.15 PM Indian Experience. Ashish Sharma Madhav Kamat, Deepak Dubey, Khan
1.15 PM-1.35 PM Future of pancreas Tx in Indian: Is Islet cell Tx the answer? Naresh Sachdeva Madhav Kamat, Deepak Dubey, Khan
1.35 PM- 1.55 PM How to setup a pancreas & Islet cell program. Sayeed K Malek Vikas Jain, MD Desai, Viji
1.55 PM- 2.15 PM Islet cell harvesting and preservation-(“Are we justified in throwing away cadaver pancreas in the diabetic capital?”) Sonal Asthana Vikas Jain, MD Desai, Viji
2.15 PM Valedictory
13th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.15 AM Rejection reporting in cardiac transplant Uma Nahar
11.15 AM-11.45 AM Multifaceted pathologies of CAV Ruma Ray
11.45 AM-12.15 PM ABMR in liver transplant: Present status Manju Bala Vatsala Mishra
12.15 PM-12.45 PM Fibrosis and Structural Decline of Liver Allografts: Target potential underlying causes Ashim Das
12.45 PM-1.15 PM Subclinical liver allograft rejection and “tolerance-related” liver infiltrates Mukul Vij
1.15 PM-1.45 PM A Pathologists Guide to Evaluating the Long-Surviving Allograft Archana Rastogi
1.45 PM-2.30 PM Lunch
2.30 PM-3.00 PM Histological diagnosis of infections in solid organ transplants Ritambhra Nada
3.00 PM-3.30 PM Antibody mediated rejection – an update Manoj Jain
3.30 PM-4.00 PM T-Cell Mediated Rejection: An update Swarnalatha Gowrishankar
4.00 PM-4.30 PM Crescents posttransplant is it crescentic Manju Bala
4.30 PM-4.45 PM Tea Break
4.45 PM-5.30 PM Case Capsules: 15 mins each Viral infections: Atin Nachiketa PTLD: Pallav Gupta Recurrent GN: Rajesh Kumar Kamal Kanodia
5.30 PM-6.00 PM TMA in transplants -Banff working group recommendations Aruna Vaniker
14th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.15 AM DSA vs histology vs molecular microscope–whats the endpoint-final verdict Amit Dinda
11.15 AM-11.45 AM Allograft pathology in ABO incompatible  renal transplant Mahesha V
11.45 AM-12.15 PM Pathology of the late post-transplant kidney and the role of non T cells Vanita Agarwal
12.15 PM-12.45 PM Role of HLA in allograft monitoring - kidney, liver, heart TX   Seethalekshmy
12.45 PM-1.15 PM Comparison between rejection in pancreas and kidney biopsies in SPK patients with graft dysfunction Mahesha V
1.15 PM-1.45 PM Graft versus host disease Amanjit Bal
1.45 PM-2.30 PM Lunch
13th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.05AM Burden of Heart failure in India. KK Talwar R V Kumar Brig.Naveen Agrawal, Sunil Dube
11.05 AM-11.20 AM Medical management of Frequent flyers Aditya Kapoor
11.20 AM-11.40 Noon Preoperative evaluation of end stage heart failure. Sandeep Seth
11.40 Noon-12.00PM Bridge to transplant Therapies: short and intermediate term Kewal Krishan
12.00 PM-12.20 PM Heart Transplant: challenges in India ZS Meharwal Rajesh Trimula Rajashekaran,Anand Yadav, Manish Porwal
12.20 PM-12.40 PM Donor heart management in indian scenario: How to overcome logistic challenges for improved myocardial preservation Ravi Kumar
12.40 PM-1.05 PM Long term follow up of heart transplant recipients K R Balakrishnan
1.05 PM-1.25 PM Immunosupression for thoracic organ transplants: the Good, Bad and Ugly Sandeep Attawar
1.25 PM-1.45 PM Identification of rejection and treatment after heart transplant Ajay Behl
1.45 PM-2.30 PM Lunch symposium Speaker Chairpersons
“Pediatric heart transplant in India” Dr Vijay Aggarwal Dr Sujay Shad, Dr Sandeep Shrivastav, Kshitij Dube  
“A new Technique of Heterotopic heart transplant on native beating heart with direct pulmonary artery anastomosis” Dr Prashanth Vaijyanath
2.30 PM-2.55 PM Role of TEE in heart transplant Suresh Rao Dhiren Shah, Dr V Nanda Kumar, Rajneesh Malhotra  
2.55 PM-3.20 PM Long term complications after  Heart Transplant. Balram Airan
3.20 PM-3.45 PM Preservation  and management heart and lung enblock Jose Chako Lisie
3.45 PM-4.10 PM Lung transplant in India : Challenges & the Road ahead T Sunder
4.10 PM-4.30 PM The Right ventricle: How to assess before and after Heart transplant Sanjoy Majhi
4.30 PM-4.45 PM Tea Break
4.45 PM-5.05 PM Cardiac allograft pathology Mukul Vij Dr M Chisti, Dr G D Puri, Dr Ashish Khanijo
5.05 PM-5.25 PM Management of short and long term complications after lung transplant A Gokhale
5.25 PM-5.45 PM Primary graft dysfunction following Lung Transplant Julius
5.45 PM-6.00 PM Donor lung harvesting preservation- Challenges Govini bala
14th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.30 AM Infections in SOT – Challenges Debbie Marriott KL Gupta, Dilip Bhalla
11.30 AM-11.50 AM Epidemiology & Management of IFI Arunaloke/Shivapraksh
11.50 AM-12.10 PM Bacterial infections – recent update Pallab Ray
12.10 PM-12.30 PM CMV infections in SOT Mayur Ramesh VP Pandey Sanjay Dhanuka
12.30 PM-12.50 PM Rare bacterial infection Manisha Biswal
12.50 PM-1.10 PM Cryptosporidium infection KN Prasad
1.10 PM-1.30 PM Toxoplasmosis Summeta Khurana
1.45 PM-2.30 PM Lunch Symposium: Interesting case scenarios
1.45 PM-2.00 PM Case No 1: Unusual fungal infection Arun Kumar K Kumar, Ravi Shankar
2.00 PM-2.15 PM Case No. 2: CNS infection Namrata Rao
2.15 PM-2.30 PM Case No. 3: Severe infection with rejection: How to proceed Dinesh Bansal
2.30 PM-3.00 PM Nocardiosis Akashdeep Singh Alok Jain, Kiran Joshi
3.00 PM-3.30 PM Human papilloma & BK Lalit Dhar
3.30 PM-4.00 PM Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in transplants Tan Ban-Hock
4.0 PM-4.30 PM CNS infections in transplant Satish Chandra
4.30 PM-4.45 PM Tea Break
4.45 PM-5.30 PM Infections in paediatric transplant Anupam Sibal JS Sandhu, Pinaki Mukhopadhyay
5.30 PM-6.00 PM Tuberculosis in transplant Shrinivas Rajagopala
15th October 2017
Time Session
Topic Speaker Chairpersons
10.30 AM-10.45 AM Tea break
10.45 AM-11.15 AM TDM in azole used in transplants Debbie Marriott Ankur Gupta, Ashok Bajpai
11.15 AM-11.45 AM Pre-transplant screening for infection Suneetha Narreaddy
11.45 AM-12.15 PM Rationalizing antibacterial therapy Abdul Ghafur
12.15 PM-12.45 PM Rationalizing antifungal therapy Tan Ban-Hock NC Ambekar, Ashraf Bhatt
12.45 PM-1.15 PM Immunizations in Renal transplant recipients Vinay Malhotra
1.15 PM-1.45 PM Post Transplant infection calender: Is it same or different Vinoi George
1.45 PM-2.15 PM Novel Investigations for early diagnosis of post transplant infections Sanjiv Jasuja NC Ambekar, Ashraf Bhatt
2.15 PM Valedictory followed by Lunch